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I love traveling.  It’s like breathing, I have to travel, I need to travel.

My “real” job doesn’t require work travel so all my travel adventures are at my own expense.

Frugal by nature, I know how to find the deals, whether it’s a good value, and how to be creative in financing these trips. I’m all about the best deal possible, whether it’s a hostel, luxury resort, or somewhere in between. If the deal is there, I’ll find it.

This blog is about helping you make the most of  your travel dollar.  Traveling well for less.  Finding the deals. Maximizing your miles and points into travel adventures. Traveling smarter, not harder.

I’m a full time working mom of two brats.  Just seeing who was still reading.  No one ever says their kids are anything but angels. 🙂  My kids have been traveling since they were babies. Now that they’re older, they’re seasoned travelers: can get up at the crack of dawn, pack quickly, and sleep restfully (as only the young can) on a transatlantic redeye.

My quest is to see how much traveling can be done for as little as possible.  Lets see how far we can stretch our travel dollar.

Hope you’ll join me.  Like me on Facebook.  Follow me on Twitter @TravelingWellfl.


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