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Up To 5,000 Bonus Miles On American

April 14, 2012

Like wine?  Don’t like wine but could always use a bottle or two to give away as gifts?  You can get two bottles for $17.50 each including shipping and 2,000 miles on American Airlines when you sign up for your first wine club shipment with the Elevant Society Wine Club between April 12, 2012 – June 12, 2012.

You’ll earn an additional 3,000 miles with your second shipment.  Wines are priced at $29 – $35 per bottle, shipping not included.

If you decide to stay with the Elevant Society Wine Club you’ll get additional benefits: 1) a soft-sided canvas two bottle wine tote complete with corkscrew, bottle opening, glasses, and napkins, 2) 5 miles for every dollar you spend.

Join the Elevant Society Wine Club and get your 2,000 bonus miles with your first wine club purchase here.

The fine print states you can cancel at any time without any obligation. So, you could theoretically cancel after the first shipment.

$35 for 2,000 miles is less than 2 cents per mile, a decent cost per mile and an easy way to pick up a few bonus miles and two bottles of wine to drink and/or giveaway.  Win-win!

I’m in – it’s worth the $35 gamble for me. I’ll let you know how it works out.

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