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The Value Of A Mile

April 7, 2012

If you’ve read the About Me Page, you’ll know I’m obsessed with traveling and collecting miles and points.  Most of my exploits: flying to Dublin the weekendflying to reach 2 Million Miles with American, just to name a few of the “crazy” things I’ve done over the past 3 years in my quest to earn more miles and points have been chronicled on my personal blog on Typepad: Debbie Schroeder aka Just A Little Type A. (Click on the Frequent Flyer, Mileage Run, and Travel categories.  Not all my trips have been posted, still working on that.)

Wanting to become more efficient in mile and point collecting, this year I launched this blogTraveling Well For Less, dedicated to that pursuit.

Being frugal in all things, I tend to use those miles sparingly and get the most value of each mile.  Sometimes, you need to pull the plug even when the perceived value may not be high and use those miles because the benefit received is greater than the cost. That was the case this week.

A week ago today, my Uncle Roy passed away.  Uncle Roy was married to my godmother so it was important for me to attend the funeral.

Given that I would be traveling last minute during Holy week, airfare was extremely high.  The lowest price I could find was $1000 on Southwest or $2500 onAmerican.

Being an Executive Platinum and LIfetime Platinum, I try to concentrate all my flying with American.  But $2500 is well out of my price range.  Thankfully, I have miles.

I was able to redeem 50,000 miles (25,000 Economy Anytime Miles and 25,000 Business/First Mile Saver). While not the best redemption as most mile chasers will tell you for a domestic airline ticket as most can be obtained for only 25,000 miles, in this case it was the best for me.

I was able to arrive for the viewing, mass and funeral with time to spare.  Allowing me time to spend with my family, having not seen many of them in almost three years.  This was by far a better redemption of miles in my book.  Having the cache of miles to use anytime is why I’m committed to collecting as many miles and points possible.

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  1. April 7, 2012 7:06 pm

    My girlfriend’s father has been introducing me to point saving! It’s really neat. The credit card I have gives us points for hotel rooms, but I would also like to get one for miles. Its amazing the deals they have out there.

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